Sep 15, 2015

First National Level Technical Symposium - Xhenios 2k15 Departments of MECH & CIVIL

    Chennai, September 15 - Xhenios 2k15, the first National level technical symposium of PERI Institute of Technology, which was organised by the Departments of Mechanical and Civil Engineering on 15th September 2015. The welcome speech was given by Head of the Mechanical Department, Mr. Bertram Nirmal Philip and the Head of the Civil department, Mrs. M.Devakani.

    The program was inaugurated by the distinguished chief guests Mr. V.Seshadri - Head HR at Toyota and Dr.G.S.Palani - Principal scientist at CSIR, who were honoured by our principal, Dr.R.Palson Kennedy. Introduction to our symposium was delivered by convener Dr.P.K. Chidambaram. The Presidential address was given by our Principal Dr.R.Palson Kennedy.

    All the events began as the chief guests lighted the lamp and there were tons of participants who participated enthusiastically. Releasing of Symposium Magazine by Chief Guests, Principal & HOD’s.

    Over 800 participants appeared in non technical events and over 300 participants appeared in technical events. Dr.R.Rajasekaran, Professor of Mechanical department, SRM university kattankulathur was the chair for selecting the best paper in paper presentation of mechanical department and Dr. N.Indrasena Professor of civil department, Sairam Engineering college was the chair for selecting the best paper in paper presentation of civil department. Two winners in each events were selected and given cash awards worth Rs.41,500.

    The function came to an end with a vote of thanks from Dr. Nanjundan, Ph.D and the singing of the national anthem.