September 20 2019



Industry Visited : JVS ELECTRONICS PVT LTD, Bangalore.
Date : 20th September 2019
Transportation : TRAIN
Students : Total 54 students (B.E MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - final year)
Faculty Accompanied: (02 - M) Mr. PRABHAKARAN, Mr. PARTHIV RAJ


JVS ELECTRONICS PVT LTD which is located at Manchanayakanahalli, Bidadi hobli Mysore highway, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Reliable, Safe & Proven products that are Engineered to perfection is what JVS Electronics offers. Having been in the Electrical Protection Industry for over two decades, JVS has developed and manufactured products that have realized customer delight over the years. It is started in the year 1991 in a small way, when acceptability of Small scale manufacturers to make high end products like relays was a challenge across the globe, JVS established itself by proving its excellence and commitment to inventing and producing products of great quality. JVS has since come a long way and is one of the leading relay manufacturers, supplying products in India and abroad. A keen look at JVS will exhibit the culture of passion in doing new things, learning, Openness, confidence and humility. Any corporate or individual getting associated with JVS, not only completes a transaction but builds a relationship for a life time. JVS feels it utmost important to nurture the customer's need of reliable, user friendly, problem free products.


The company manufactures various designs and features of relays namely Numerical over current relay , synchro check relay etc,..

Numerical Over Current Relay with Communication

Synchro Check Relay


1) To interact the students with actual industry personals.
2) To make them aware of the industrial procedures required to enter in any company.
3) To experience the working environment in industry and visualize the all the important Departments in the Industry.
4) Interaction of students with the peoples of all important departments.
5) To prepare the students for the selection of carrier path in different departments of industry.


Honourable Principal Dr. R. PALSON KENNEDY and VP Mr. B. MAGESH who has approved the industrial visit. Our department Head of the department Mr. ANIL KUMAR who encouraged the committee for organizing similar kind of activities for the benefit of students. Our Association Incharge Mr. SENTHIL KUMAR and Placement Incharge Mr. PRABHAKARAN who has also suggested the industrial visit for the engineering students will be helpful to face the interviews. With the help our student co-ordinators, we were able to make it successful.


According the route and time plan we took government bus from KSR MAJESTIC Railway station. we reached the JVS ELECTRONICS PVT LTD at 03:00 pm, The Security officer Welcomed us and guided for the entry in production plant and seminar rooms. Two batches of the students were divided and one batch was headed for production plant and second batch was entered in seminar room. Lecture room was very sophisticated. The PPT presentation was very informative with the introduction of company profile and principles. The important processes of the manufacturing of the relays and numerical relays were explained. They cover each and every small aspects of the relay making by giving day todays life examples. Many students have asked the queries and the instructor has solved them very cleverly and politely.