July 19 2019



On the wonderful day, all our department fellows gathered together in the conference hall (beta block) for the Association Inauguration & Seminar on Robotics, Drone, 3D printing, & IOT. Our honorable Principal and Vice-Principal joined with us which is a pleasant surprise for us. Our Head of the department who gave us all support and arranged this event also joined us. This event was anchored by Syed from third year of our department. And the inauguration eventually started with the Tamil Thai Valthu.


The welcome address was given by S. M J Rahul from third year of our department. He gave a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and our Principal, Vice Principal, HOD, Coordinators, & all our department fellowship.


The event begins with lighting the lamp. Firstly the lamp was lit by our Chief Guest, then followed by our honorable Principal and Vice Principal, then our Head of the Department.


Chief Guest Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman was honored by our honorable Principal with a memento and shall. Then our Vice Principal honored the Chief Guest with shall.


Our honorable Vice Principal Mr. B. Magesh, who gave us a warm welcome to the gathered person. He welcomed the Chief Guest and his working partner of his company. He explained the things clearly about what the Chief Guest is working. It made us to know the importance of that in upcoming year.


Our honorable Principal Dr. R. Palson Kennedy, heartily welcomed the Chief Guest and everyone gathered there. Then he gave good motivational speech to our fellowship students what to do? & When to do?. He also gave us good kind of advice to improve our self and requested us to utilize the faculty and their advice which helped us a lot.


R. Hari Ganesh from final year of our department, who gave us good and detailed achievements of our Chief Guest Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman. S. He is an CEO/ Project Head of his own company named as Propeller Technologies Pvt Ltd. Which gave us an good inspiration and motivation for to achieve.


Our Chief Guest Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman. S, who just shared his experience with us which was very inspiring and created a great impact on us. He also showed us one of his students master piece working model. It is actually a visual treat for us. He explained us about his own company and its motto and what Technopreneur is?. This shows his hard work and dedication towards his profession and also his intention to share whatever he learnt which means a Real Achiever.


Syed Nazeef requested all the office bearers on stage for appreciation and let everyone to know the office bearers of our department. The office bearer with the post are as follows, they are A. Sivagnanam Final Year (President), D. Manoj Kumar Final Year (Vice President), G. Natarajan Third Year (Joint President), V. Dhachenamoorthy Final Year (Secretary), R. Thulaci Raman Third Year (Joint Secretary), K. Balaji Second Year (Joint Secretary), S. Vinoth Final Year (Treasurer), M. Jawahar Subburaj Final Year (Treasurer), M. Madhavan Third Year (Joint Treasurer), J. Jainulabudin Second Year (Joint Treasurer).


Sivagnanam. A from final year gave the vote of thanks. He thanked the Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman for making the so special and meaningful. And he thanked our honorable Principal Dr. R. Palson Kennedy who gave us full support the arrange this event. And thanked Vice Principal Mr. B. Magesh who insisted us to do something useful, and our HOD Mr. Anil Kumar who respect us and guide us towards enlightment of our knowledge, as well as our coordinator Mr. Senthil Kumar who gave us importance in his busy schedule, and our association office bearers who supported us without them this event could be impossible. Thank everyone once again.


This event came to an end by giving good inspiration and creating great innovation in everyone’s mind with our National Anthem.