September 1,2 2018

Hackathon PERI'18

“Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you can’t fail.”

Hackathon PERI’18 event was conducted by department of electronics and communication engineering at PERI Institute of Technology on 1st and 2nd September 2018. It is a non-stop 24 hours program which involves hardware and software programming with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event.

Principal of PERI Institute of Technology, Dr. R. Palson Kennedy presided over the function and in his speech he appreciated the department of ECE for conducting this Hackathon program for the first time in PERI Institute of Technology and he wished all to get success in life.

Next, the Head of the Department, Dr. P. R. Jasmine Jeni welcomed the gathering. She praised the students for getting themselves involved in this program and encouraged the staff to make it a success. She also thanked the management and principal for considering the Hackathon PERI’18 event.

Then, the program commenced exactly at 10:30 am. More than 150 students from various colleges and universities participated to show their excellence. The crew members were allocated different classrooms to enroot their project. They had the battle against their fellow warrior in the act of wisdom and chivalry.

After few hours, the first round of judgement started. Judges from various engineering colleges and universities visited the program and discussed with every batch of students. For the first round, the participants were asked to give their problem statement and the solution that they came up with for that issue.

Around 1:00 pm they were given a lunch break and it started again at 2:00 pm. Participants gave their involvement to the fullest. Refreshments were given to them now and then. Around 4:00 pm, the second round of judgement started where the participants were asked to explain about their project and why they have chosen that particular issue. The grades were announced after every round of judgement. Two teams were disqualified after second round.

Later the participants were given 1 hour break where the institute conducted games and other activities so as to avoid tiredness of students and faculties. All the students, very enthusiastically involved themselves.

Mr. Thomas Lenoid, Assistant Professor from KCG College of Engineering who appraises the students about their project during second round of evaluation.

The student voluntaries organized the refreshment program and participants enjoyed the moment.

The participants and staff members had their dinner at 8:00 pm and continued with their project work. At 12:30 pm, the third round of judgement started. In the next day morning by 8:00 am final visit was made by judges, where all the participants showed their output and presented their complete work by power point presentation. The judges scrutinized the batches in 4 rounds so that they were able to select the best batch. After the 4 rounds students were waiting for the final result. The judgement was announced at 10:30 am by the judges. The winners of Hackathon PERI’18 were branched as inter and intra college.

The Intra College Prize Winners:

The TECHNOLOGIC crew from Sai Ram Engineering College won the first prize and the cash amount of Rs. 7500/- (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Rupees).

The ALMA crew won the second prize and the cash amount of Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand Rupees).

The ZEROS crew from Anand Institute of Higher Technology won the third prize and the cash amount of Rs. 3000/- (Three Thousand Rupees).

The Inter College Prize Winners:

The ELONS crew from the mechanical department of PERRIT has won the first prize and the cash amount of Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand Rupees).

The ENGINEERING DUDES crew from the ECE department of PERRIT has won the second prize and the cash amount of Rs. 2000/- (Two Thousand Rupees).

The DROUGHT HUNTER SQUAD crew from the ECE department of PERRIT has won the third prize and the cash amount of Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand Rupees). The crew members are,

“Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.”

The judges motivated participants in all the possible ways. The judges were from different branches.

1. Mr. Markandan, Assistant Professor of Anand Institute of higher technology. He complemented all the participants.
2. Mr. Thomas Lenoid, Assistant Professor of KCG Engineering College of Technology. He shared his view about the upcoming technology growth and gave students, an idea about it.
3. Mr. Krishna Kumar, Technical Lead from Hexaware Technology. He shared his experience of “how to come up in life as a well-shaped engineer”
4. Mr. Iyyappan, Technical Lead from Tata Consultancy Service. He gave an inspiring speech and congratulated all the winners and wished all the participants for having a successfully life.

Mr. P. Magesh, AP/ECE from PERIIT addressed the gathering

Thus the program came to an end with the vote of thanks at 12:00 pm by Mr. K. Kannadasan who thanked the Chairman Mr. Saravana Periyasamy, and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Sasi Veerajan, the principal Mr. R. Palson Kennedy, all the judges who came and supported all the students, the HOD of ECE department Dr. P.R. Jasmine Jeni and also he thanked the event organizer Mr. Lakshmi Narayan for organizing such a best event. He gave a special thanks to all the ECE department faculty members without whom this could not be a grand success for giving their support whenever and wherever needed. And to the last but not the least, thanked all the students for showing involvement in this hackfest.

Mr. K. Kannadasan, AP/ECE/PERIIT delivered the vote of thanks