July 18 2018


The Head of the department, Dr. K. C. Jayasankar welcomed the guests from RETECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd and the gathering (Faculty members, Final, third and first year EEE students).

Ensuing to the welcome address, Mr. E. Arunkumar, M.E.(Ph.d), Vice President from RETECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd gave his presidential address. In his presentation, he described about the basics of electrical engineering and different power generation methods. He also explained the concept of semiconductor materials, devices and their role in power conversion. He also mentioned the scope and career opportunities in the field of Renewable Energy systems.

Finally, he showed some videos of the products viz. BLDC motor, 3D printer … etc. developed by their company. He also invited our faculty members and the students to visit their R & D laboratory. The interaction between the facilitators and the participants was so effective. At the outset, it is concluded that this seminar would serve the purpose of what it was intended.