July 26,27 2018

Advanced Robotics Level 2 Training

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering conducted Robotics Level 2 training for the aspiring students of the department on 26th and 27th July 2018.

The main agenda of the training is to make the students to create their own robot. The participants were trained on the basic components required to make a robot. All the students were divided into team of 5 members. Each team is provided with separate arduino software and all the required components. They were taught to assemble the hardware and program the controller to make the robot to work to the designed application. The students felt the training was very useful and informative going forward in improving their academic skills. The following components characteristics, working and uses were clearly depicted to the students.

1. Servo Motor
2. Controlling LED with keyboard.
3. L293D Motor Driver.
4. Bluetooth with NODEMCU
5. IR Applications and Protocol.
6. TSOP and IR LED.
7. Ultrasonic sensor.
8. ESP8266 Microcontroller
9. 6V battery.
10. DC motor.

The scene shows the students actively engaged in making connections to the robots

The picture depicts the students testing the controller before starting the application.