July 11 2018


To give students insight knowledge on recent communication development the Department of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING organized a Guest Lecture on Telecommunication and Networks with resource person Mr.Dominic Savio Hiruthayaraj, Assistant Director of Network Operation, BSNL, Chennai on 11th, July 2018. All the final year students were the receivers for the Lecturer.

In his address, he presented the history of telecommunication starting from the plain old telephone system to generations of cellular communication. He explained the IEEE standards for wireless network. He gave students many real time scenarios where the telecommunication works. He shared his experience while working for BSNL in solving many problems in a telecommunication environment. He stressed on project work is a way of applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the academics in solving or analyzing real life problems and drawing conclusions. He completely delivered his thoughts on the Hand held Terminal operations such as Initialization, paging, hand off, Blocking/Dropping and inter-networking. He explained some cause and effects of telecommunication, considering the human health. The telecommunication standards that were followed in India and in other countries were clearly depicted by him. The next generation 5G and its standards, capabilities, Spectrum, Speed and Deployment were discussed in detail by the speaker. And he summed up the session by picturizing many applications of new technologies used in many fields. Many students appreciate the fact that the session was more informative and interactive.