July 17 2018

3D Printing in Robotics

The department of Electronic and Communication Engineering conducted a seminar on “Robotics and 3D Printing”, dated 17/07/2018. Mr. Ananda Rajan, team leader, RETECH SOLUTIONS-Chennai presented the gathering with new inventions and real time applications in the field of Electronics.

The day topic was about a very innovative invention called “3D printing technology”. The Speaker explained the concept of components, working, manufacturing and its importance.

Each and every part of 3D printing technology was clearly conveyed to the students. Types of oscillators and function generators working were presented. Also the students learned many working operations in laser technology.

He advised the students to improve their knowledge & personality development in the respective core field. His speech was very useful and motivating to gain the student’s knowledge.

The students feel the seminar was more useful and informative.