July 20 2018


On 20 July, 2018, the students of CSE department from 1st semester of had been to EYEOPEN TECHNOLOGIES, Anna Nagar, Chennai.


An Industrial Visit was organized at EYEOPEN TECHNOLOGIES, Anna Nagar, Chennai 20/08/18 under the guidance of our Principal Dr.Palson Kennedy and Head of the Department of CSE, Ms.A.Revathi for the first year students of CSE department. The entire Industrial Visit was supervised by Ms.J.Ranganayaki, Ms.P.Kaleeswari and Mr.Ramu.

Objective of the Visit

The Objective of the Industrial Visit is to help students gain worthy information regarding the functioning of the industry which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

About the Day

The team of 59 students along with the accompanied faculty reached the campus by 11.00 AM and had a break. They logged into the campus after the security check at 11:30 AM.

Then the students were divided into 2 batches for presentations. Mr.Ruban Sarathkumar delivered a presentation on one of their key services, Web Designing. It was followed by another presentation that was delivered by Mr.Pravin Kumar on the features and specialities of the programming language, Python. Being the newly entered engineering students, they could have an initial exposure on these technologies and concepts and their importance in the software industry.

By around 2:30 PM the team logged out of the campus.

At the end of the day, the students had a good experience and learned a few new things from the visit.

Outcome of the Visit

Students got an opportunity to know the work culture of the IT Industry. They get an exposure to Technologies used in the IT sector and what sort of knowledge required getting Jobs in IT sector. Students get a look and feel of glamour in IT Industries. This industrial visit has improved the knowledge of the students and has raised enthusiasm to work hard to improve their knowledge and skills.